Connected Off-the-Grid is a multimedia photo project that explores a collection of people living the alternative American Dream -- decidedly off-the-grid residentially, but plugged in technologically.

The last two generations have been striving to build everything bigger, better, stronger, faster, but at what cost? For some, at the end of the day, the dream is not the cookie cutter house, the nine-to-five workday, the fancy car, or the repetition of the daily routine. A new group have decided to take a step back and reside alternatively. But as this new generation leave the typical “McMansion” lifestyle behind, they can’t help but bring with them pieces of technology that has made life easier to stay connected to one another. It seems this group has found the balance between staying connected and disconnected at the same times, and has learned when to put the Smartphone down and engage in real life.  

Rachel Bujalski started documenting stories for the CONNECTED project in Southern California. Now traveling through high desert, national forests, city marinas, coastal and mountain towns, she continues her search of those who go off-the-grid, but remain connected using recognizable technology in a variety of innovative circumstances.

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