Dad is Gone is focuses on children born from sex tourism in the Philippines. 

Angeles City, eighty kilometres north of Manila, is known for its red-light district. Until 1991, the city was the home of Clark Air base, the largest US Air Base outside the United States of America. This favoured the raising of many brothels and Girlie Bars, turning the city into one of the most popular sex tourism destination. Today, about 12’000 women are working in the bars which flank Fields Avenue. Unlike in Thailand, international customers in the Philippines seek a "girlfriend experience" that can last for several weeks or months. 

Each year, thousands of children are born from these paid relationships. The fathers, whether American, Australian, British, German, Swiss, Korean or Japanese often abandon their offspring. In this very Catholic country, abortion is considered as a crime and punished by law.

Left behind, these children grow up in search of their own identity, where the father figure is still a question mark.

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