Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution

In 2014 the Norwegian Constitution turned 200 years. It is the oldest European constitution still in use, and the second oldest in the world. The progressive, liberal document that was signed in 1814 is celebrated vigorously all over the country on May 17 every year. This is the day when the Norwegians seem to forget their rather introvert selves for a while as they put on their finest clothing and hit the streets waiving Norwegian flags singing and shouting “Hipp, hipp, hooray!”.

One place known for celebrating this day more intensely than anywhere else is the city of Bergen. The rainiest city in the country is also the proudest and loudest, all year round.

In the heart of Bergen Moment photographers put up a tent inviting random bypassers from the crowd to have their National Day portrait taken. What do Norwegians look like on this day? What can nationalism look like?


History:   The Constitution declared Norway´s independence, ending 400 years of Danish rule. However, signing the Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814 did not save Norway from being ceded to Sweden after Denmark–Norway´s defeat in the Napoleonic wars. In 1905 the union with Sweden was dissolved and Norway was finally independent.


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 2015 Skald Norwegian 20 x 25 cm 160 pages Hardcover ISBN 9788279592211

2015 Skald
20 x 25 cm
160 pages
ISBN 9788279592211