"TECHNOBODIES" is an investigation on Berlin´s young Techno music raving scene, opening questions about the concepts of identity and representation of 'self' in our contemporary society.

When people ask me what it is TECHNOBODIES -I always like to say initially that this is not work about Techno. I mean, it is but this is not what I´m really interested in (I´m not a clubber myself nor a Techno music fan). I´m interested in the individual people. In the single brick that, together with others, build up a movement, a culture, a community. How they behave in order to became and feel part of this culture. The way they dress. Their tattoos. Their idea about gender and sex (Techno in Berlin is strictly related to sex and gender matters). Which are their inner impulse, what they need, what they are seeking for. "Techno is freedom". I have heard this sentence many many times while I was working on this project.

Berlin has a long and strong history related to the freedom of expression. The Techno scene is one of the many different manifestations of that freedom in this city. But not just freedom: desire of acceptance, homologation, addiction and obsession are often the price people in this community have to pay in order to achieve that freedom. A paradox that we find in many other different aspect of our contemporary society.
-Guido Castagnoli

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