Bangalore, India, 2014
" We are told that cardiac surgery has seen many revolutions in recent decades, this is wrong! A revolution must radically change the life of a large number of people ... This is not the case of cardiac surgery that remains until now inaccessible for 90 % of the Indian population. " Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty has a dream ... to reverse this trend as quickly as possible. For him the real revolution in healthcare will be the access for the majority of the world population to advanced and quality cares at a lower cost.

" Japanese companies reinvented how to make cars. This is what we will do with health. Health cares needs not an innovation in its products, but in its process ." Inspired by early twentieth century Fordism and the "just in time" system introduced by Toyota in Japan , the surgeon is revolutionizing the health care system in his Indian hospital in Bangalore.
His credo : increase volume of surgeries, while dramatically lowering costs without losing the human side of the process. According to figures released , the mortality rate displayed by the " Narayana Hospital" is as good as the average U.S. hospital .

The hospital group , Narayana Health, launched by Dr. Shetty has currently 6200 beds in 23 hospitals across the country . The group's goal is to have 30,000 beds worldwide within 7 years. 

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