Tokyo Murmurings

© Franck Bohbot

Franck Bohbot immerses us in his new Photographic Series “Tokyo Murmurings”. At night, the Japanese capital sleeps deeply but isn’t drowned in darkness nor lost in silence. The highly traveled areas of the city transform into a sleeping megalopolis. There, you discover the city’s whispers, its secret passages, and become immersed in oversized typography and images of childhood heroes decorating vertiginous walls. 

The artist seeks out hidden facets of the city, always striving to capture details of the excessively large and asymmetrical architecture. From video game arcades, anime, and manga to the storefront windows of small shops and fashion stores, Red light districts, Street scenes, bars and discotheques, color and light play a major part in the story that each photograph will tell. 

Here, the future is part of the past, as if a moment from the future were stuck in time, a segment of a roll of film from an old science fiction movie, a manga in a Neon Color palette.

This is an insomniac dive into the subconscious of an entire city, echoing its memories and its nightly sounds; the staging is disjointed and secretive. A Dream.

Now slowly sink into this big book, become inconspicuous, and bundle up. Sweet dreams! Departure is imminent, lower the lights, shhhhhhh the journey is beginning…

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